Using Natural BioEnergetics, BioResonance, Wellness Coaching, Ionic Foot Detoxes and more, IMW Sleuth's out your wellness and helps you get back on the road to wellness & quality of life. We specialize in difficult situations and work to restore good health & teach you to manage your own wellness.

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IMW is now releasing specialized wellness packages for those really series about their wellness. Great Savings and payment plans available.

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Virtual Appointments & Mobile Appointment

We work virtually wherever you are. If you are located in the Birch Hills, Weldon or Kinistino (Saskatchewan) areas, we can arrange Mobile services. 

If booking a mobile appointment, email us directly at imatterwellness@gmail.com. Do not use our appointment book.

Email for Mobile Appointments

Booking Appointments at IMW

Appointments are currently booked as Virtual Appointments in our appointment book. We are currently in transition and are hoping to re-open an office soon. We will post on the website when we have opened our new office. 

In the meantime, we will be offering mobile appointments to a select few for those in the Birch Hills, Weldon, Kinistino areas in Saskatchewan. If a mobile appointment works better for you, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 (Other payment options also available including e-transfer, debit & paypal)


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......On censored health information, the current mandates, personal legal options and freedom information at our Telegram Channel. This is a safe environment for those who want access without restriction.T.me/iMatterWellness





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