Natural BioEnergetics

Natural BioEnergetics is a technique....

.....that is used around the world for alternative and complimentary wellness. It works on levels most mainstream therapies do not and is a great sleuthing tool to guide facilitators in direction for client's wellness needs.

How does it work?

It works on the BioEnergy system in your body to correct glitches, blocks and BioEnergy disruptions that prevent the body from accessing it's natural healing imprint. Unlike most BioEnergy modalities that only tone the system (IE: Reiki, Access Bars & many others), NB actually corrects impediences, blocks, breaks and glitches by feeding new or repairing information into the system. Once received and processed by the body, the body is then able to do what it it knows to do and begin the self-healing process.


Perfect Solution for when other traditional therapies are not enough!

Natural BioEnergetics is a great complimentary tool for those just not moving forward in traditional therapies. It helps them get past some of the road blocks that keep them moving forward. And it has been proven, when used properly, can exponentially increase the results other therapies can provide.

But NB is also a great stand alone technique as well and has helped millions of people through out the world gain back the control in their lives.


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Think of NB like an experienced Electrician working on an electrical system in a house. Your Power goes out or there is a power flicker or power decrease/overage within your home, the electrician locates the problem and fixes it. Thus the power comes back on or is stabilized and other system can run properly like the heating/cooling system, appliances and more.

Well, in Natural BioEnergetics, we also located these glitches, power blocks or outages within your system, restore the connections thus allowing the body to correct itself and move into a stabilized state. Your body will then begin to heal itself as it was designed to do. Other systems will now function properly.

View Some Testimonials

A bunch of text on a page cannot really give a good explanation or what Natural BioEnergetics is really all about. So we have compiled some example videos with some real life testimony on what Natural BioEnergetics has done for some people.

View Testimonials Here


While Working With Me We Will;

  • Identify the issues


  • Identify what the body requires to start the healing process


  • Implement Natural BioEnergetics Sessions


  • Identify lifestyle changes that are required


  • Develop a plan together to get back on the wellness track


  • Help with the implementation plan


  • Provide the resources necessary


  • Decrease stress loads that normally lead to unwellness


  • Give the support needed & more 



Client's have found success in areas of....

  • stabilizing emotion
  • decreased allergies
  • normalizing bodily processes
  • determining supplemental needs
  • reducing disease states 
  • balancing biochemical processes
  • Reversing Self-Sabotage
  • Building confidence/self esteem
  • Reversing the negative effects of past experiences
  • working with past traumas
  • Building self-worth
  • & so much more


Appointments are booked as Wellness Appointments. Hourly rate is $80. Appointments are booked as 90 minutes but clients are only charged for time used up to 90 minutes.


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