Natural BioEnergetics

Natural BioEnergetics  is an extensive technique with unlimited potential for any recipient who tries or uses it. Therefore there is no short way of describing the method as it covers the physical, the mental and so much more.

NB primarily works in the thought/mental area for the majority of its processes which makes it great for mental block removal, habitual patterns and even fears, phobias, traumas & other mental wellness issues.  

You have heard of Talk therapy (regular counselling). NB is more equivalent to a Thought therapy however, we cannot utilized the word "therapy" due to the legalities in it. It is more a Thought-based technique that can work not only on your immediate conscious thought processes but also in the hidden, not so apparent thought processes and on the spiritual levels. This technique can be ideal for those with trauma-based fear or issues allowing us to go in through a back door instead of re-hashing the traumatic event as Talk-therapy sometimes does.

It does have outstanding physical corrections as well including a specific sensitivities programming that has an remarkable track record of reducing and sometimes even reversing them. In some cases, NB has even helped with brain trauma (concussion and head injury), physical issues/injury, chronic illness and/or learning disabilities with majority of client experiencing noticeable changes occurring (in many cases) in a shorter time period. And the technique can compliment other programming in the area thus strengthening and shortening healing times where it can.

NB does have specialty programming in areas of geopathic stress (natural negative energies in your living area caused by natural resources in the earth like water, excessive minerals, etc), neurological issues, body mechanics,  and intrusive energy (uninvited/unwelcome negative bioenergies passed from others...ie: toxic work places) and more. But what is really incredible about NB is its ability to define the causality of the issue (which would be a combination of factors that led to the breakdown) and define a strategical plan of attack to the problem.

Not all sessions will look the same for each individual and that is because NB is programmed to their individual requirements. But that is also the beauty of the method and probably why it is so successful. It is only limited by your choice to give it a chance or not.

NB utilizes combinations of thought, words or even physical set ups or tools tied in with the acupuncture meridian system (no needles but may use programmed tools) to initiate a much deeper healing from the inside out. For some it can be a more gentler way to get through personal trauma than reliving it through talk therapy. For others, it just gets to the root of the cause faster than what some other therapies provide. And for some, it can be a great complimentary therapy that assists other therapeutic programming from other professionals. Parameters can be set in every session according to what the client can handle.




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Natural BioEnergetics is useful for:

NB can be useful in a variety of areas from physical wellness issues to stress management related areas. Natural BioEnergetics is a great tool to not only approach difficult wellness issues from both a direct and in direct line of attack but it also is a great tool to do causative analysis to help client and professional devise an appropriate plan for the task at hand and promote personal self-healing.

Areas that NB has been found useful  in include:

  • Substance/food sensitivities
  • Trauma
  • Stress managment (including anxiety, depression, etc)
  • Pain Management and reduction
  • Neurological issues
  • Chronic illness
  • Auto immune
  • Success building & reducing self sabotage
  • Confidence building
  • Cognitive
  • & so much more

Perfect Solution for when other traditional therapies are not enough!

Natural BioEnergetics is a great complimentary tool for those just not moving forward in traditional therapies. It helps them get past some of the road blocks that keep them moving forward. And it has been proven, when used properly, can exponentially increase the results other therapies can provide.

But NB is also a great stand alone technique as well and has helped millions of people through out the world gain back the control in their lives. Many reach out to this technique when they just are not getting anywhere with other modalities or even traditional therapies.


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View Some Testimonials

A bunch of text on a page cannot really give a good explanation or what Natural BioEnergetics is really all about. So we have compiled some example videos with some real life testimony on what Natural BioEnergetics has done for some people.

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Book A Virtual Appointment - $100

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While Working With Me, I Will;

  • Identify the issues


  • Identify what the body requires to start the healing process


  • Implement Natural BioEnergetics Sessions


  • Identify lifestyle changes that are required


  • Develop a plan together to get back on the wellness track


  • Help with the implementation plan


  • Provide the resources necessary


  • Decrease stress loads that normally lead to unwellness


  • Give the support needed & more 



Client's have found success in areas of....

  • stabilizing emotion
  • decreased allergies
  • normalizing bodily processes
  • determining supplemental needs
  • reducing disease states 
  • balancing biochemical processes
  • Reversing Self-Sabotage
  • Building confidence/self esteem
  • Reversing the negative effects of past experiences
  • working with past traumas
  • Building self-worth
  • & so much more


Appointments are booked as Wellness Appointments. $250. Appointments are booked as 90 minutes sessions.


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Regular Appointment

Book A Virtual Appointment - $100

Initial Appointment? 

Book An Initial Assessment - $160



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