What is BioResonance?

BioResonance is actually a catch all term that encompasses technology that can scan your body to detect stressors on the Quantum Physics level. This is a much more in depth level that your would normally find in allopathic care. 

Utilizing this technology, clients can not only get a visual picture as to where the stressors lie, but they can also can utilize the unique help benefits of it in their wellness plan.

In today's age, there are new merging technology arising in this field. New BioResonance machines are available and therefore new quantum options available at client's disposal. Most of these machine off complimentary freequencies used to support the healing process and therefore improve the healing time.

At IMW, we work with two different Quantum BioResonance machines. Both can be utilized at a distance utlizing a concept coined by Einstein himself, called "Spooky Action at a distance." This is a very, untechnical term for something referred to as Quantum Entanglement. All you have to know is that this is the quantum science that allows us to work distantly with clients. And it is our experience that usually this method works better.




Online Appointments Now Available


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 These are extra feature offered only after a full session has been offered. The Faciliator will advise you if you require these and they will be based on you previous appointment.


After Hours Broadcast - $24.99

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After Hours Broadcast - 3 Pack - $43.99

(Must have regular session booked & completed first)