What is BioResonance?


Also known as NLS Therapy, frequency therapy among other names.

It is a great tool to sleuth out and pinpoint some of the areas in your body that need the greatest focus and can be used homeopathically to create an environment suitable for self healing.

Your body...

Over time builds up negative frequencies that prevent it from functioning properly. Such frequencies can include (but not limited to) EMF, chemicals, radiation, geopathic stress and other environmental exposures. When you combat these improper frequencies with poor nutrition, poor personal care, unwellness begins to set in. Eventually disease will result. 

The body is uniquely designed to be able to counteract many most of these however often the body is so bombarded with these negative frequencies and other poor lifestyle choices that it just cannot keep up. In these cases, without proper interceeding, the body will not be able to resume the normal function it was designed to do.

Although this machine is not used to diagnose, this machine is useful for finding/mapping stressed areas in the body so one can use in determining a holistic plan of attack. Such areas of use can include: many physical ailments, pain management, unexplained symptoms and even anxiety/depression causing ailments. The goal is to use this machine to reverse some of the negative frequency bombardment and allow the body to function as it was normally designed to do in self healing.


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This is where BioResonance comes in...

BioResonance utilizes a computer that sends a scanning frequency into your body through a set of earphones (or DNA through a distance module) measuring where the body's weak points are. Using the data collected by the BioResonance Machine, we can then send back supportive frequencies to help the body return to a normal productive, self-healing state!

The BioResonance machine can also feed homeopathic frequencies into water, sugar pills, etc for continued support while the body continues to process those frequencies at home over the next few days to a few weeks.


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What to expect...

This should be a relaxing form of treatment. A client will lay back with the headphones on (in office appointments) or connect through Zoom (Telehealth appointments) and is encouraged to keep the mind in a resting state.....snoozing is allowed. The session should take approximately 90 mins and the the weakest areas of most concern are worked on first. 

We only work those areas most needed within the 90 minutes. For most people, 90 minutes is the average recommended time limit.

At the end, the client can take a graph home (left) for his own reference and records. And the facilitator may send home a frequency charged bottle of water to use over the next few days.



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Appointments are booked as Virtual Wellness Appointments during the restrictions due to ever changing, unfounded rules. We do not endorse nor contribute to scare tactics by media & government and only put your needs first. When normalcy resumes, you WILL NOT require a Vaccine Passport for our services. If that scares you, we recommend you to continue using our virtual service when normal in office appointments resume.



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