Holistic Health Subscriptions

Holistic Health Subscription


Need holistic health & coaching services? Worried because holistic services are not covered by your insurance plan? Or you just plain don't have an insurance plan at all?

Worried about the cost of getting well?

That's okay because we have a couple of solutions for you.


We have two options;


Our rates when booking through this website are $120 an hour session. That can add up. Most people do have an average of two sessions a month with our services. This can vary according to an individual's needs. You can choose one of our specialized packages however sometimes you just don't know what you need.

By enrolling in a subscription you will not only have the option of working on your individual needs but you will get exclusive pricing and extra material to help you along in your wellness journey. 


Option One

Sleuthing & Wellness Subscription (3 month subscription)


You really need 90 days to get back on track. Because after all, you didn't get to this point over night. You won't get back on track over night either. So this is the ideal package to get you back on track.

What does it offer?

  • 6 virtual sessions of wellness sleuthing & specific treatment (using techniques required by your needs)
  • Coaching for specific wellness needs according to a causal evaluation, nutritional coaching, meal planning (if necessary), home clearing/geobio re-alignment advise, emotional coaching, chronic issue solution advisement, & more.
  • Access to 12 group sessions when in progress (they may not run at the specific time of your package - ie; not in summer - however you will still have access to them when available). Regular $240 ($20 per session)
  • Access to our stress release program.


This program is designed to sleuth out your wellness needs with specific causal investigation technique, develop a wellness plan, regular progress checking, and coach you through the re-alignment phase. 


As a wellness specialist/coach, my job is to get you going in the right direction to make those changes. We specialize in managing wellness. If you need sickness management, go to a allopathic doctor.


Subscription cost per month: $200

Regular cost per month: $432

(savings of 54%)





Option 2 

Specialized Programs


We do have specialized programs. These will be an inclusive program of condensed content to specifice needs. For example, Our New Re-Vive Your Marriage Program - That is specific tailored to couples needs utilizing specific content to help couple dive into a deeper understanding and acceptance of each other.


For a full list of our programs, Visit Our Programs Page