Wellness Programs


Yes, you can book individual sessions at I Matter Wellness but for those who are really serious about finding REAL SOLUTIONS for their problems, we are now Launching over Summer of 2020, some packages. These will be combination packages of both live session, coaching & personal DIY work.

This programming is being developed because a single session here and there is usually not enough to change a person's life around from years of exposures, poor lifestyle and no proper self care. No one can guarantee a cure (not even a doctor) because it is dependent on the individual themselves. 

Here is what I can tell you. If you are willing to work with me and commit yourself to one of these programs, I will commit myself to working with you and finding solutions that will work for your life!

These packages consist of a combination of;

  • Live Sessions
  • Pre-Recorded Wellness Session to help the progression along
  • Stress Release Pack/Lifestyle Package
  • SMS Support Pack
  • Progress monitoring
  • Access to "Empowerment" group session starting Fall 2020.
  • & More

Payment Options are available. 

Programs will be developed according to specific needs: Anxiety/Depression, Stress, Family topics, Lifestyle needs, Etc. Live sessions will do specific work designed to find specific solutions. 

Over the summer I will be stream-lining the material I have collected over the years into packages and I will be posting them as they released. Part of the programming is in email format with video formatting for the program. Please watch throughout the next few months for the programs to be released here.

Re-Vive Your Marriage Program

Revive Your Marriage Program

The Re-Vive Your Marriage is great for all couples from those struggling to those who want to improve upon an already great marriage.