Group Sessions

Online Group Sessions for 2024

We are starting our online group session schedule again this year. 

Group sessions are a great way to get the bio-energy work you need done without having to pay for a full session. Even though we are working on a group, you will be working on what you need as an individual within the parameters of that topic.


We are offering these sessions in a slightly upgraded way. Yes we are still hosting on Zoom and yes, group sessions are still accessible for a much lower price like they were before. But we have two options for pricing;


1) Individual Group Session Pricing:


- $27 per session

- Regardless of the topic

- We hold several topics a week

- Great for those who can't make it every week 

but still want to take in a session when they can


2) Our New App access Pricing:


- $20 per month

- Full access to any group session

- Access to session recordings if you missed them

- Access to all other features of the app

- Installable on all platforms (IOS, Android, Windows).


Learn More about our App


Learn more and register in one of the group sessions here;

Fears & Emotions Group Session

Fear & Emotions Group Session


This session is ideal if you struggle with anxiety, fear, panic, trauma related issues, emotional upset, or other related mental health needs. Focuses on helping you gain control of your emotions and fear naturally and function on a more even level. We will work on several topics within this genra. Even though the topics may seem specific, each individual will be working on their own needs within the specific topic of the session.

Building a Sucessful Mindset

Building A Successful Mindset Group Session


This session is for those wanting to improce their mindset for success. For those who want to positively manifest success. It's a great group for those who struggling with negative thinking, self sabotage or those who manifest negative results. Whether you are in business or you need help in this area for your personal life, this is a great group to get you back on the right track.