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Using Natural BioEnergetics, BioResonance, Wellness Coaching, Ionic Foot Detoxes and more, IMW Sleuth's out your wellness and helps you get back on the road to wellness & quality of life. We specialize in difficult situations and work to restore good health & teach you to manage your own wellness.

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Everyone does have a choice for their own bodies.

 Here are the wellness choices available to you;
  •  Do nothing and see what happens. Let nature take its course. Sometimes, things resolve. Sometimes they don't. But with this approach, you have to accept the reality of what can happen whether it is a negative outcome or a positive outcome. And sometime this means compasionate care. Or for some, they feel they need to access MAID in Canada.

    The key thing to remember, this is your choice and no one can make that decision for you. At I Matter Wellness, we can help those facing this type of a decision.


  •  A full line medical approach designed with chemical and surgical based treatment designed to keep you dependent on a system that, more often than not, does not find end root causality but assigns a statistical, recipe based approach to keeping you at a baseline.

    Today's medical has taught people to accept a diagnosis as an end root causality when it really isn't. A diagnosis is just a name for the end result of your symptoms.

    This approach has tried to re-invent the term of "Preventative Wellness" to one where you are dependent on chemicals and/or surgical interventions that only allow for a base level wellness. The key thing to remember that this is also your decision. And it will require other specialists, like doctors and medical personal to direct the approach of treatments.

    It treats people on the basis of statistical information and if this statistical information doesn't work for you, health professionals in this area are not always very good at figuring out what to do next if your situation requires help outside of that specific recipe that they use. I call this a cookie cutter approach. This care may have it's benefits in emergency treatment but tends to lack in most chronic environment.


  • Holistic Care is a different approach designed to take the individual needs into consideration without the concept of a "one recipe fits all." In most cases it dives into finding root cause. And often, once one symptom is fixed, people often see other symptoms lift because they were obviously connected to the first. Where a medical approach decompartamentalizes symptoms, a holistic approach looks at symptoms through a whole body approach.

    Often looking at deficiencies, specific events or environmental changes, the holistic approach works to bring the individual back into the pre-situational balance. Most practitioners coach individuals along the way so they recognize the triggers and symptoms before they get out of hand in the future. This allows the individual to get started on self care before the symptoms start to return to the "out of balance" or "out of control" state.

    Most practitioners in this area work from the point of view that the body provides all the key information to what it needs and wants. The approach may take longer to return to balance but usually holds the greatest record in full recovery despite the bad press that the medical society tries to provide. At I Matter Wellness we provide you with this approach and work with other specialists such as Naturopaths, chiropractors, Functional medicine specialists and more.


  • A Combination Approach in some cases may be warranted. They made need a medical approach in the beginning to manage certain aspects of their situation while working holistically with a holistic provider. Although some professional on either side do not like sharing with a provider from the opposite class, many do. I Matter Wellness has worked in this capacity. 





The choice is yours at which approach you want to take regardless of temper tantrums some providers may have. I Matter Wellness can help you make the decision, provide full holistic care or provide supportive services helping you in your journey to getting well again. And we will advocate for the approach you want to take.

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