Stress Release Pack

The Stress Release Pack is the base package that is in most of our programs. It's ideal for those wanting some extra help with stress or they want to access just this package. At first I was not going to release this as a separate package but because some people who are paying by session may want to access some of these great tips, I decided I would make it available as a separate package.

Stress has a negative affect on health and therefore it is vital that everyone learn basic stress control techniques to help them balance their emotions and reduce the negative effects severe stress can hold on them.


This stress release package comes in weekly emails to your inbox. No virtual session component. No weekly requirements. And it can be run along with any package, program or in-0ffice treatment available through I Matter Wellness.


This package has weekly emails that includes:


  • A Stress topic that will contain theory or advise to help you understand better how stress works in your life. These could be workplace stress, concepts, stress verses disease, etc. These topics are meant to help people understand stress, and applications they can use to avoid it.
  • The next part contains an affirmation. Some people think affirmation are something really pointless. But there is really a solid purpose behind the. 

You see everyone has something called self-talk. Some people are better at it than others. Some people do it out loud. Some are better at keeping it within their head. It is actually very normal. It doesn't mean that you are a nut case because you talk to your self. For the most part it should be a good thing because often its a coping mechanism that can help you think through things on a daily basis.

Some people's self talk is very negative. It focuses on negative outcomes. It's very pessimistic in nature and it cause great stress. The idea of an affirmation, it was very simple. It is a tool to help you change that pessimistic, negative self talk into optimistic, positive self talk therefore reducing stress in your life and giving you a more positive outllook.

It takes practice but daily affirmations through out this package can dramatically positively affect your thinking patterns for the better. And we hope you get yourself in the habit of doing these daily.

  • Lastly we have the actual Stress Release Technique. Each week you will receive a new stress release technique to practice. And just because a new one comes the next week, it doesn't mean you have to stop practicing the old one if it is working well for you. Not all are from Natural BioEnergetics. They are gathered from a number of different techniques and they all hold value.

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