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Fundamentals Immersion Night to Revive Your Marriage


INTERACTIVE Energy-based accelerated coaching
That helps make REAL, lasting change.

You will discover & understand your unique NEEDS in your marriage to help Re-VIVE Your Relationship.

We will take a huge leap to remove the blocks that keep you stuck individually and create more space for restoration and new joy in your marriage

Here’s how the workshop works:
Time: 7 pm CST (Saskatchewan time)
Dates: 3 hours class (pick from one of five dates starting on November 16, 2023)

What will be covered;

The program will cover a theory portion of the opening material covered in the full program - Re-VIVE your Marriage which is an eight week intensive program designed dive deep into the depths of needs, feelings and building of renewed appreciation and commitment.

The extended 8 week program includes not only theory, but techniques to help couples move through the processes of re-aligning their understanding, needs and goals to a deeper, more committed, and joyous relationship ship.


In this 3-hour program, you will leave with some theoretical concepts and understandings to start putting into practice in your own marriage.

In this three hour evening program, couples will;

  • Learn the introductory needs of man & woman
  • Learn how to understand each other on a needs level
  • Begin to engage on a more spiritual level
  • Begin to Synchronize your needs on a unit level verses individual
  • Learn the advantages and differences between this program and the advance program.

The session will consist of two parts;

  • Learning portion where we will focus on the first two couples/individuals needs in the marriage and how they compliment each other to grow and build something wonderful.
  • A time of energetic block removal using the NB technique allowing for couples to continue on their journey of building and/or restoring joy and synergism within their relationship and marriage.

Price: $120 per couple


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(Upon booking, you will receive a complimentary pre-recorded NB session working on preparing you to remove blocks and fears associated with doing couples work together)