Wellness Programs

Revive Your Marriage Program

The Re-Vive Your Marriage is great for all couples from those struggling to those who want to improve upon an already great marriage.

This program has taken about three years to build and it is already showing incredible results. This program is developed and intended to dive deep into the emotional needs of both husband and wife. Built on traditional values, this program takes in account both life coaching and natural bioenergetic techniques and dives into the needs of both spouses to help each other understand one another more deeply and build a marriage that compliments each other on a deeper level. 

Initial data is showing that this program has very good results and marital couples are finding a new understanding for each other early on in the program. Because this program is showing such good results, it will not stay at $1600 forever. Most programs of this price range do not offer live one-on-one and one-on-two work, however this program does.

What you will receive in the program;

  • 12 facilitor lead sessions (4 one-on-one sessions for each spouse, and 4 couples sessions) all based on instinctual needs of each spouse.
  • 8 Pre-recorded sessions working on topics like communication, intimacy, listening and more.
  • 6 month subscription to the Vibresonate Wellness Hub where you can access other wellness tools for many other topics besides just marriage and relationship work.
  • This is rough an 8 week program (depending on the couples schedule).

Book a discovery session to find out if this program is why you and your spouse needs.