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Coverage for our services


Needing Coverage For Our Services?

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Holistic Coverage is Available:

Our Services are covered under the Choice Network. TCN is a powerful new membership concept that is working to cover more holistic services than traditional health insurance.

Due to its unique concept, it can cover almost any holistic health profession providing there is a professional in the system in that profession. We are in the system.

Lear More 

Visit the Choice Network to find a packege right for you

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About Shannon

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Shannon became a wellness specialist because of her own life journey. After determining the true answers to her seizures rather than the original doctor-diagnosed condition, she began to explore more options and became very successful in treating herself. She eventually began taking classes and helping others with their own wellness issues.

Today Shannon has obtained certification in Natural BioEnergetics, A Bachelor's in Holistic Health Science and she is also working towards her Masters and PhD in Natural Medicine. Using the knowledge and techniques she has learned in her education she is able to bring a more rounded holistic health management options to the table for her clients.

Through the adventure, she has learned to value multi-disciplinary collaboration to provide the best possible outcome for her clients. As she works with her clients, she continues working on her Master's & PhD. She hopes to ad new techniques and modalities to her arsenal to help her clients navigate through their own wellness needs.

Whether you have allergies, pain, autoimmune or issues of stress, anxiety, and depression, a session with Shannon can help you begin to see the light in those issues and start to take back “the control” over your own wellness. A recommended place to start is a session with Natural BioEnergetics as it can be used to not only work with your wellness issues but it can also be used as a tool to help lay out a plan for your healing process.

What Shannon Does:

Shannon works with a range of people with issues including: past traumas, PTSD, stress management, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, autoimmune, general health and wellness issues, chronic illness, pain management, neurological issues, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, concussion/head injury recuperation, pain management, geopathic stress, and more. Shannon employs the Natural BioEnergetics method and BioResonance (a form of biofeedback) to work in these areas and may apply geopathic stress management, holistic nutritional counseling, and Causative analysis/sleuthing techniques to determine the best possible route for your healing needs. View Testimonies of people, experiences and examples of Shannon’s method from her clients 


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