ENTREPRENEURIAL EVENT: Resetting Our Minds to Excel in a Prolonged Pandemic Environment 


Our first Session was Feb 20th. We have decided to continue to hold these. Our next session is:


Date: March 11th

Time: 7 PM CST (Saskatchewan Time)

Cost: FREE!

Location: Zoom Event

Registration Link: 

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With Special Guest Host:

Trevor Hesley

NB Specialist from Minnesota, USA


What is this Event?


First of all, this event is solely designed to help you mentally unlock your blocks and unleash your creativity to survive in these challenging times! And it is also designed to be a supportive event and an idea generating event for those who really just need ideas!


We all need to attract new and lasting clients. But what did Einstein say?


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~ Enstein


None of us expected this pandemic to last this long. None of us expected to be in lockdown mode this long. None of us expected our lives to be turned up side down by the government! But we cannot keep doing the same things and expect business to continue. We need to release the mental blocks that keep us from moving forward. And then let's share some ideas afterwards.


Many have given up and pack it in! But for those who have not given up, they find themselves in a spot where they either have to adapt or get out! Creativeness is the key but where do we start? Only you can determine how that looks in your business! But you need to unlock that creativeness.


This is a two part event by zoom that explores - through a thought based technique - how to unlock some of those blocks and get us back on the path of success.


The first 1 - 1.5 hours will utilize a physiological psychologist developed technique called Natural BioEnergetics to start unlocking the thought process that is clamping down on entrepreneurial creativeness that is keeping you from excelling in these times. The second part of the session will be a brainstorming event where we can share ideas.


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This Event is FREE so why do I have to Register?


  • Registering will allow us to send you the zoom link and any reminders before the event.


  • Registration gives you the option of receiving a recorded version whether you make it online or not. This technique can be done later by watching the video and performing it with the video at a later time


  • Registration will enable us to notify you of future events (of course you will have the option unsubscribe from this after the event)



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What people have found with the Natural BioEnergetics Technique. 

It has helped people;


  • Unlock mental blocks
  • Move past emotional trauma
  • Re-focus thought process
  • Initiate creative ability
  • Unlock simple natural intuition
  • Re-align thought process enabling them to move forward once again
  • Eliminate destructive self-sabotage that prevents them from moving forward
  • & so much more!

Natural BioEnergetics is a simple, predominantly thought-based method that helps you re-focus your energy in the right direction. Most entrepreneurs have the simple building blocks in place to be successful but sometimes those building blocks need to be nudged and NB provides the tools to start that process.





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