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Holistic Coverage is Available:

Our Services are covered under the Choice Network. TCN is a powerful new membership concept that is working to cover more holistic services than traditional health insurance.

Due to its unique concept, it can cover almost any holistic health profession providing there is a professional in the system in that profession. We are in the system.

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About Shannon

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Shannon became a wellness specialist because of her own life journey. After determining the true answers to her seizures rather than the original doctor-diagnosed condition, she began to explore more options and became very successful in treating herself. She eventually began taking classes and helping others with their own wellness issues.

Today Shannon has obtained certification in Natural BioEnergetics, A Bachelor's in Holistic Health Science and she is also working towards her Masters and PhD in Natural Medicine. Using the knowledge and techniques she has learned in her education she is able to bring a more rounded holistic health management options to the table for her clients.

Through the adventure, she has learned to value multi-disciplinary collaboration to provide the best possible outcome for her clients. As she works with her clients, she continues working on her Master's & PhD. She hopes to ad new techniques and modalities to her arsenal to help her clients navigate through their own wellness needs.

Whether you have allergies, pain, autoimmune or issues of stress, anxiety, and depression, a session with Shannon can help you begin to see the light in those issues and start to take back “the control” over your own wellness. A recommended place to start is a session with Natural BioEnergetics as it can be used to not only work with your wellness issues but it can also be used as a tool to help lay out a plan for your healing process.

What Shannon Does:

Shannon works with a range of people with issues including: past traumas, PTSD, stress management, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, autoimmune, general health and wellness issues, chronic illness, pain management, neurological issues, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, concussion/head injury recuperation, pain management, geopathic stress, and more. Shannon employs the Natural BioEnergetics method and BioResonance (a form of biofeedback) to work in these areas and may apply geopathic stress management, holistic nutritional counseling, and Causative analysis/sleuthing techniques to determine the best possible route for your healing needs. View Testimonies of people, experiences and examples of Shannon’s method from her clients 


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Book Appointment with Bitcoin


We do accept Bitcoin or Etherum. However we are not set up to take it automatically.


Here are the steps to Book:

  1. Check our regular schedule (by going through the regular Appointment booking link to determine at least 2-3 slots of choice (to allow for real time processing with fiat currency by others). Just don't process that appointment.


  2. Email Shannon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange for Bitcoin/Etherum Payment. Email the time requests as well. The first one available, Shannon will place on reservation for your Bitcoin/Etherum Payment to arrive. Please note we recommend that you make up to three choices from our schedule because Shannon does not monitor this email address minute by minute.


  3. Shannon will email you with the Bitcoin/Etherum address to send your payment to and the amount. Once received, Your appointment verification will be sent out.



Please note that Bitcoin/Etherum prices change minute by minute. We cannot guarantee their exact worth but will send according to the currency value at that time. Please add on any applicable charges that your crypto wallet may add on.



Low Subscription Rate! Use as long as you want


Self Care & Support!

Leave Chronic Pain behind!

Learn to Rise Above & put it in the past!

  • Block Therapy is a very accessible therapy and all you don’t need a therapist for it.
  • It can be done with any other treatment as a support or it can be done as a stand alone
  • In these times, access to help is hard to get so IMW is hosting a simple subscription based support group for this therapy to get you on your way at a very low monthly cost.

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  • What does block therapy provide?


It is a therapy that helps to release fascia and adhesions that cause pain and discomfort. Pain is not always a bad thing as it is actually sending you a message. Block Therapy helps you use that pain to eventually relieve it and the problem that it is signaling.

Fascia can seal the bones with up to 2000 lbs per square inch of force. It is no wonder why some of us have such intense pain. Block Therapy can be used to help release that pressure.


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The Block Therapy website says that block therapy is;

  • Therapy,
  • Exercise
  • and Meditation

The therapy is simple and can be used in the comfort of your home. It does require specialized equipment but while you are awaiting for it to arrive, there is information on how to get started before your block buddy arrives.


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This group is intended...

...as a support and an extra tool for those who subscribe. It will offer;

  • Small “How To” video tips
  • Wellness information to support the technique.
  • As the membership grows we do hope to add follow along block therapy work outs
  • A discussion forum for those who have questions
  • A testimonial and inspiration site for those who need encouraged
  • An low-priced outlet for help beyond the Block Therapy membership as the starter package from Block Therapy does not included continued membership support unless members choose a much higher monthly package.

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