Fighting Burnout Group Session


This group is ideal for those hitting the extreme levels of stress. It is for anyone who seems to be locked in that mode of Fight or flight.

These past few years have been extreme for many. Job security, mandate stress, rising cost of household expenses, high interest and inflation. These are only a few areas over stressing people today. And the more prolonged stress is, the more overworked your adrenals are. The mind seems to shut down in times of prolonged stress and the body may start to fail you.

This group is for those needing help in finding ways to ease that stress. Even though this is group work, each individual will work on the stress in their own lives through it. It goes deep into the roots of that stress.

Hosted on Zoom. These events will be recorded & later displayed on the app only. If you don’t want your face shown, please keep video off.



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